Decentralised Fashion Experience

Open Governance

On-chain incentives

Rent to Earn

Own to Earn

Open-governance based model to allow community make crucial decisions for Bitliberte protocol with their on-chain votes to get fair earning structure.

Get On-chain incentives for each participation. Incentives with star rankings based on on/off chain participated events. Top performs get up to 10x stars.

Rent-to-Earn, You can rent extremely rare fractional ownership NFTs to earn yield without active participation; Yield gets distributed to owner and rentee

Own-to-Earn, You can own extremely rare fractional ownership NFTs to earn higher yield as compared to renting with active participation opportunities.

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Product Offerings

Not just own but earn

metaverse outlets

Metaverse Outlets

One of its kind virtual reality (VR) FashionFi experience on Blockchain

physical store

Physical Outlets

By the people, For the people. These outlets will be governed on-chain by the community of like-minded-people.



Invest, Own, and Earn from this DAO while contributing towards ecological upcycling.

eCommerce on web3

eCommerce on web3

Shop, Play and Win. A unique dApp commencing the revolution of FashionFi eCommerce on web3.

Exclusive NFTs

Exclusive NFTs

Ownership of rare Fashion Designs to earn yield in real-time.



Own a part of business from anywhere in the world to keep earning dividends from IRL products.

bitliberte fashionFi

Invest anytime from anywhere in the globe to fractionally own IRL/metaverse Fashion outlets and products.

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